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UPS Configurator

1-phase output

Sum up the actual consumed power of all connected loads in watts. You can find this information on the power supply of each device.
VA stands for volt amperes and describes a value for establishing the dimensions of cables and cut-outs.
If you plan to extend the loads in the near future you can add a power reserve here. It will be taken into account for the power dimensions of the UPS but not for the autonomy time.
The power part of the UPS design will be calculated with redundancy to minimize the risk of a UPS fault. This is recommended for very critical applications. The autonomy time is not calculated for a UPS failure and will be lower in this case than calculated.
Optional Filter
Select rack-mount UPS to consolidate as much hardware as possible in a 19” rack cabinet. The decision between free-standing tower UPS and rack mounted UPS is mainly a matter of data center design philosophy.
Overview about which UPS topology protects against the different mains failures.
SNMP adapters are communication extensions that control and monitor UPS devices via network or web.
The external bypass switch is used to disconnect the UPS for maintenance work allowing uninterrupted, continuous feed of the connected loads. It also enables a UPS test run.
It provides potential-free contacts at the outputs, which can be configured optionally as N O or N C contacts and which can be used as binary input for the SPS or building control systems.
The distribution bars enables you to distribute the UPS outputs among several loads. Different versions support the load connection via Schuko and/or IEC 60320.
Sensors play an important role in process automation. They detect external events and conditions, and signal them to the UPS.
The panel enables parallel operation to increase power and/or to achieve redundancy. Each UPS device can be disconnected from the power supply separately. With the integrated manual bypass switch, the complete UPS parallel system can be disconnected.
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