UNMS UPS Network Management Software

Web-based network management software for UPS systems, it shows network embedded UPS systems and allows for simple control of complex UPS networks by displaying of UPS status messages and easy integration of individual backgrounds. Statistics can be monitored by saving all events in a log file and the provision of a graphical statistics report.


With the network management software for UPS devices “UNMS”, you can easily monitor and control higher numbers of UPS systems in different networks.

The software gives the administrator an overview over all installed UPS systems and informs about the operating conditions at the individual sites. This enhances security and availability. Centralized administration of the installation is possible.

If there is a problem in one of the UPS units, the “UNMS” software informs the administrator, optionally and on request, by network message, e-mail or text message.

The administrator can immediately take appropriate counter-measures.

The network management software supports all common web browsers and gives administrators the necessary flexibility to manage larger networks. UPS status information, log history and reports can be viewed anywhere in the web browser.

Main characteristics:

  • Web-based remote monitoring of power supply systems in the network
  • Easy administration of complex power supply infrastructures 
  • Notification about events by means of network messages, e-mails or text messages
  • Logging of all events in a logbook
  • Graphics for statistical evaluation
  • Customer-specific adaptations with background graphics possible


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